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Stabled Livery

We have 88 stables, including 3 stallion stables and paddocks. Of the 88 stables sections of the barn are dedicated to mares foaling down, pre-training horses, retired horses, sales preparation, recovering horses and working horses.


Live out Livery

The farm is 200ha and has about 30 hectares under irrigation as well as 20 hectares of eragrostis that is kept solely for our own use. Therefore there is plenty of space for horses to grow up living out, as well as retire out in large open fields.


Mares foaling down

We have 10 foaling boxes dedicated to mares foaling down. Equipped with oxygen tanks, red lights and plush bedding for mares foaling down.

Retired Horses

We take in and care for a number of retired horses here at Rathmor. Catering to every old horses needs. Retired horses can either live in or out. 

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