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We have a number of Rathmor bred horses that have gone onto compete and excel in their disciplines with their new owners. Below are the names and achievements of those horses. 


Rathmor Quiet Man

Owned and ridden by Paige Lee Goetsch. Paige purchased Rathmor Quiet Man back in 2016 and have been a fierce combination to watch. They have gone on to win many top titles including:

  • 1st in the 2016 Maple ridge WCQ 1.30m.

  • 1st in the 2017 Presidents Cup WCQ 1.30m.

  • 1st in the 1.35m Hilmar Meyer 1st leg qualifier 2017.

  • 1st in the 1.35m Hilmar Meyer 2nd leg qualifier 2017.

  • Overall winner of the Hilmar Meyer series 2017.

  • Gauteng Junior Open team 2017.

  • Winner of the 2017 Young rider series.

  • Junior Presidents Cup champion 2019.

  • 1st in the U25 1.35m/1.40m Neal Fearon 2nd Leg.

  • Young Rider 1.35m Outdoor Grand Prix champion.

  • 2nd in the Neal Fearon rider series 2019. 


Rathmor Caprice

Owned and ridden by Siobhan Records. Siobhan purchased Caprice at a young age and has gone on to produce him the highest level in dressage, recently competing in their first Grand Prix. 


Rathmor Coup De Coeur

Currently Owned by Courtney Webber and being competed by both Jethro Bouwer and Courtney in the 1.35m successfully. A lovely, feisty horse that has been bought on steadily by his team.


Rathmor Chiaro di Luna

Chiaro di Luna was purchased by Michelle Duncan years ago and she has produced this cracker of a horse up to the 1.20m. 


Rathmor Benvenuto

Another horse purchased by Michelle Duncan. This sweet gentle giant is still new to the showjumping ring, but showing great potential. Benvenuto was backed by Bradley McHardy before moving onto his new home. 


Rathmor Royal Synergy

Owned and ridden by Amanda Eardley, who also owns and runs Galloping Winds stables in Ballito. This elegant combination will be one to watch in the future. Rathmor Royal Synergy was also backed by Bradley before moving to his new home.


Rathmor Zircon

Rathmor Zircon competed with Bradley McHardy up to the 1.20m. He was then sold onto Frances Fowler who also competed him up to the 1.20m. He now has a new home with Madison Pike and they currently compete in the 90cm.


Rathmor Limelight

Owned by Svenja Cronau. This lovely gelding has found his new feet with svenja and are competing successfully in the 1.10m in JHB. 


Rathmor Rocket Man

Sold recently to Clarissa Cloughlan, we cant wait to watch these two in the jumping arena one day.


Rathmor Heaven Sent 

Heaven was sold to Kelly Harvey in Dec 2023, we are so excited to see young riders adding quality horses to their string.


Rathmor's Capital Harlem

This sweet boy was recently sold in 2024 to Lisa Wallet. Exciting things to come in the future for this pair. 


Rathmor Bordeaux

This sweet and special mare was sold to Shaun and Cath Neill in 2023.

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